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Dr. Suresh Gandhi is a gem of a doctor, healer, guide and a mentor to heal you from all the modern world sufferings. We are all victims of diseases arising out of the stressful and hectic lifestyles. Our lifestyle habits are a disaster and we have completely lost our connection to the natural world and its healing powers. Ever since I came into being, I had a weak digestive system. I was always afraid to eat anything mildly spicy or oily. Leave aside eating out, I was even choosy about eating home cooked food, lest I must get sick. As much as it was a physical ailment, it was affecting my social and mental well being as well. Dr. Gandhi made me change my eating habits and prescribed his medicine for 6 months and has healed my ailment completely. I have complete faith in his abilities, and his prescribed methods. The only thing one must do is stick to his/her eating schedules as per Dr. Gandhi’s advice. Dr. Gandhi has immense knowledge and expertise when it comes to treating illnesses using Natural healing procedures, be it Acupuncture, Acupressure or Electro- Homeopathy. He doesn’t send you out to any lab for any testing before prescribing the medicine. The fact that he can tell the root cause of all your problems just by looking at your tongue and checking your pulse, proves that he’s got a thorough understanding of how the human anatomy works. Apart from the medicines he’ll prescribe you a daily chart for your eating habits. Stick to it as if your life depends on it and you shall never have to see any doctor in your life!