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Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai

By: Vikas Jain
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  • Posted Date 19/04/2022
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Meenakshi Amman Temple or Meenakshi Sundareshwara Temple is one of the most popular and ancient temples in India, which is also called a cultural paradise of India and is located in Madurai on the southern bank of the Vaigai river. This temple is one of the oldest temples in India because it was constructed by Pandayan emperor Sadayavarman Kulasekaran (1190 CE- 1205 CE). This is built at the perfect center of the temple city of Madurai. It has significant importance in religious & historical points of you. Daily approx 20,000 devotes visit this shrine which covers almost 700,000 square feet of space.

Meenakshi temple is dedicated to the goddess Meenakshi an avatar of goddess Parvati & Sundareshwara an avatar of Lord Shiva. It is believed that it is the same place where Lord Shiva (Sundareswarar) and Goddess Parvati (Meenakshi) tied the knot. This temple is one of the best examples of the Dravidian style of architecture & due to this it was once also considered to be counted of the seven wonders of the world. Sometimes people also call it as Taj Mahal of South India. If you want to visit the Taj Mahal then get all the Taj Mahal Details for the best trip.

Meenakshi Temple occupies almost 14 acres of land at the center of Madurai also known as Mathura of south India. This area is fully enclosed with huge walls which were constructed to be protected from invaders.  The top view of this complex looks like a mandala. A mandala is a structure built according to the laws of symmetry and loci. In this complex beside the main shrine of Meenakshi & Sundareshwara, you also found the houses of goddesses Lakshmi, Rukmini, and Saraswati. This entire complex is decorated with approx 30,000 sculptures which can be seen on all 14 floors of the main palace.

After exploring the eternal glory of the Meenakshi temple if you have spare time you can plan a One Day Tour Of Agra that will also enhance the culture & tradition of north India.

How To Reach: Madurai is one of the longest living cities in the world and the most popular city in India where you can reach from everywhere in India easily. The nearest airport from Madurai is 10km away from the main city. The nearest international airport is Chennai. If you love train journeys then it will be good news for you because Madurai is well connected with many cities in India directly. The city of Madurai is well connected by roads or expressways to all southern parts of India.

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