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How To Send EPUB To Your Kindle

By: David Steve
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  • Posted Date 05/05/2022
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  • Expire Date 10/12/2022

The best thing about kindle is that it can get not only e-books from Amazon but also from other sources as well. In this post, one will learn how to get EPUB file to kindle in no time. As we know that there are many file formats which are used but EPUB is one of the leading one. If you have EPUB file and want to read its content on Amazon kindle, it is possible in many ways. In order to make your way easy, you can use many modes to send your EPUB file to kindle; this post has included three important ways that will help you send your EPUB file to kindle. It is true that kindle is not supportable device to the EPUB file format, but EPUB file format can be converted into MOBI with ease. In case you are facing any kind of issue with Kindle device and ypu need best help to fix it then feel free to get in touch with amazon fire tablet customer service team and they will resolve your issue easily.

Method 1: Convert EPUB Format Into MOBI Using Calibre:

Using Calibre app which is a free open-source and is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows, one can convert EPUB format into MOBI. Calibre app is enabled with loads of features for e-books; one of the major features is to convert EPUB into MOBI at the same time, e-book can be transferred to the kindle. Remember this thing before transfer the Kindle book because if you did not change the format then your book won’t open on kindle. In order to send your book onto your kindle, you need to have a few of the things, like computer or laptop which should be connected to Internet, USB cable, and kindle. To begin with, connect your kindle using USB cable to your computer or laptop. To reach your calibre app and click on add books option and then move to your file manager and select “EPUB”. After taking this step, you do not need to perform any step manually all things will be taken care by calibre during the transfer. Now, you will right-click the book and then select “send to device” option and send to the main memory from the menu. Subsequently, messages will pop-up on the screen for getting your permission to auto-convert the book before transferring to kindle, and click on “yes” to go ahead. After that book format will be converted and transferred to your device in just one step.

Method: Transfer EPUB to Kindle Via Using Email:-

Every Amazon kindle has its own unique email address which can be used to transfer EPUB to kindle. But before doing it, one must convert EPUB format into MOBI files first.

How To Convert EPUB Files To MOBI Files Via Online:-

No need to download app to convert EPUB file to MOBI file, you can use any of your gadget like computer or laptop, smart phone to access web converters which are available on browsers, and you choose EPUB to MOBI converter. After that you either click or tap on “big upload” button and choose your EPUB file. Now, the EPUB File will be converted into MOBI file, and then select the “download” and give name to the file.

Transfer File To Kindle Via Email:-

This time no need to connect your kindle to the computer or other gadgets via using USB cable. It is true that every kindle has its unique custom email address that can be used to send e-book files.

  • You need to have just gadget like computer or laptop with internet, open your browser and access official website
  • Reach device option and select your device that you want to use after that click on the device name.
  • On the next page of your browser, you will find “ email address for your device. If you intend to edit email address, you can select “edit” option. Otherwise, you can type your device email address and attach your MOBI e-book to this email address.
  • Now, Amazon needs your consent as well that is why it sends an email to verify request.
  • During the next step, you will open the home screen menu on which there will be many options, but you will tap on “Sync” button.
  • This process takes a few minutes, and then you will find your e-book in your kindle library.

By way of performing these steps, you will be able to use all the resources to get e-books on your kindle without having any technical issue. However, you come across an issue to transfer your EPUB file to kindle; you can get assistance from experts who are available round the clock.

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