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Bishnupur Temples Of Bankura

By: Vikas Jain
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  • Posted Date 21/06/2022
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India is home to many word heritage sites, including Taj Mahal in Agra, Red Fort and humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, Amber Fort in Jaipur, Mehrangarh Fort and Jaisalmer Fort in Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, and many more monuments which are man-made or natural. If you want to explore these forts of Delhi and Jaipur then you must book a golden triangle tour package so you can see the forts of these places. However, a few of the sites could not find the place on world heritage sites despite being unique. Bishnupur is one of them, which needs to be on that list, but with the support of the state government, it could find the place in the tentative list of world heritage site in India since 1998. Bishnupur temples came into limelight due to its terracotta and houses several laterite stone temples. Apart from terracotta temples, it consists of many religious and non religious sites. This town has been a leading name in the West Bengal which has largest numbers of historical sites.

History Of Bishnupur Temples:-

Bishnupur had the citadel which belongs to the Malla King. The Malla dynasty was founded by Adi Malla in 7th century. It is said about Adi Malla who was abandoned son and was brought up by a Bramhim. He was given proper training in both warfare and physical by this family. Later on, he turned out to be a great wrestler. He was requested by local elders to ascend the thrown, thus, the Malla dynasty came into existence. The Malla kingdom reached on its zenith during the reign of King Jagat who was the 10th ruler and shifted his capital to Bishnupur. This dynasty had built several temples here with brick and stone that made this town as temple town. The oldest temple of Bishnupur is the Rasmancha which was built in 1600, and other edifices were added after that. By exploring the temples of Bishnupur, one can get find different style of Bengal temples which are so unique.

Best Time To Visit Bishnupur Temples:-

The peak time to visit Bishnupur temple starts from winter because the climate becomes soothing.

How To Reach Bishnupur Temples:-

The nearest big city from Bishnupur is Calcutta which has Airport and is approx 124 KM from here. Once you landed in Calcutta, you can get private taxis or buses run by state government to reach there. Bishnupur is a small town which does not have railway station. The nearest railway station is at Bankura which is at a distance of 28 KM.

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