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cleaning or maintaining takes lots of time when it comes to a hygienic abode, apart from the time

also requires proper tools. dust, grime, dirt, mould, germs, stain and all cleaning household can be done 

if you have a cleaning kit with the necessary tools.

We all want the home to be dust and hygiene free, but we think that it’s a cup of tea and can be compleated within hours.

but that’s not the case, you must hire a professional cleaner because there are many things to consider while cleaning your home.

professional cleaners come with the necessary tools, and equipment to perform their best or give you the shining look.

However, if you love to clean your home daily basis, then here are the 10 necessary tool 

that you must have.

  1. Microfiber Cloths.

microfiber cloths are a very effective and budget-friendly cleaning tool, that helps to remove grime, dust particles and loose debris.

from the surface. it can be used to wipe the dust-laden surfaces, such as fitting, switching boards, baseboards and light fixtures.

  1. Sponge.

the sponge helps you to remove dirt stains and grime, it is good to choose a classic sponge with an abrasive side.

make sure the sponge must be for daily use, and you may go with silicone sponges.

  1. Squeegee

it is considered an essential tool that you must have in your cleaning kit, it uses for streak-free shower glass doors and window glasses

to prevent the blade and store it properly. squeegee helps to remove extra water in just a few seconds, you can apply white vinegar and soapy water on your glass door or windows and run a squeegee.

  1. Scrub Brush.

it helps you to remove or clean mouldy and greasy surfaces. that’s why we require a scrub brush. it also helps to remove stubborn stains from tiles,  fixtures, countertops, faucets, and window sills, within minutes.

  1. Broom And Dustpan

Well, broom and dustpan help to clean hard floors and surfaces such as linoleum floors, wooden flooring etc. 

with the help of a broom and dustpan, you can easily remove loose dust particles, debris, dirt and other contaminants from the surface.

  1. Microfiber Mop

It is the best selling product because it minimises water consumption and chemical-based products. microfiber mop requires 10 times less water than a standard mop. it’s good to fetch pet hair, dust and grime with ease.

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