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To gain better productivity you always choose best products. For extra mileage you select top fuel, for better irrigations practices you pick out top fertilizers from the market, but you probably fail to recall this routine at the time of selecting foodstuff for your dairy cattle. Just letting cows to graze grass would not deliver desired results and would impact their eating habits too.

Do you know best nourishment can open the door for increased milk production and feed efficiency of cows?  But you may be coating complications like, where to get whole nourishment from, which products will suit dairy cattle, what is premier to get increased milk outputs? Answer to all such question is Silage.

Learn what is Silage?

Silage is a rocket fuel for cows made up of forages and crop residues.  It is source of nutrient rich-fodder for animals. Silages are the final results of restiveness of high moisture crops.

There are different types of silages available in the market but Corn silage, Sugarcane Silage, and Wheat silage are in demand. It is assembled in the absence of air, because air is the rival of silage and can varnish all the nutrients from them

What makes silage satisfactory?

  • Adequate source of nutrients

Come out from a myth first, additional eating doesn’t increase milk outputs. Dairy cows require lots and lots of energy to maximize milk yields. Only foremost source of nutrients can provide enough energy to them. This is the reason most farmers are switching with silage agro. The fermentation process ads extra nutritional value to silages and make them rich source of all the required vitamins and minerals dairy animals need.

  • Fast digestible than Hay

Fiber is an important factor in digestion. Faster process of fermentation leads in less or no loss of digestible organic matter. Hay has very low fiber and slow fermentation process thus it is difficult for cattle to digest it and cause diseases whereas silages are packed with fibers and it is comfortable for cows to assimilate them.

  • Cost effective

No doubt cost is important element while picking any foodstuff. Silages costs very less than any other supplements. Also, they are durable so one may not suffer from spoilage issues. They are easy to stock and thus, stain excessive storage costs.

  • Tastes better

One cannot eat tedious and boring food always. Tasty food cheers up the mood. Silage smells brilliant and commands high level of taste for cow. Not only cows get the advantage, milk churned from them is also tastier.

  • More moisture content relatively hay

The ability of dairy cattle to convert intakes into milk depends on the quality. Silage moisture content is 35-40% whereas hay moisture content is 20-22%. High moisture makes silage high qualitative than any other source of consumption.

Diet has an important role. Now it is over to you. Good and tasty food is a way to keep your dairy cattle happy, healthy and most importantly productive. Nutrimeal is India’s best high energy silage for dairy animals available in the market. Too boost milk yields and enhance fertility. Be smart with your choice.



Author Since:  06/08/2020

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