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Article 8 Aug -Wedding Card Design

Weddings are one of the most precious moments of people’s life. Though it needs lots of planning, people still enjoy the wedding day as the best day. Inviting guests is very important to let people witness your big day. Once you finalize your guest list, it’s time to send invitation cards to them. Invitation cards are one of the essential parts of the wedding because they help to invite guests and mark the host’s personality. A wedding card includes the couple getting married, their parents, various events, events date & time, venue location etc. These days there are several unique and innovative ideas that you can adopt to design your wedding card. So, let’s figure out some creative wedding invitation ideas.

Bride Groom Invitation Cards – Now the aim of the wedding cards is not only to provide event details but also to mark the event aura for the guests. Bride Groom Invitation cards include beautiful cuts of bride and groom holding each other with a unique design. And you can customize its design with the photographs of the bride and groom.

Elephant theme cards – In ancients, the time of kings and queens in royal weddings, elephants are used for the groom to get their bride. Elephant theme cards are designed with the aura of ancient weddings. These cards are perfect for traditional weddings and those weddings that want to keep the wedding cards attractive but straightforward.

Rose theme cards – Roses are considered as the token of love in everyone’s life. Also, flowers enhance then the beauty of everything where they are used. The Rose theme wedding cards adds the elegant and modern look to your wedding cards. These theme cards come in different styles, such as closed cards, open cards, etc., to add uniqueness to the invitation.

Boarding Pass Theme Cards – Boarding pass theme cards are one of the unique wedding invitation cards. That will never fail to arouse the curiosity or to turn the event in the real-life adventure. These invited will give the wanderlust feeling to the guests, which no one can resist to give a response positively.

Peacock Theme cards – Peacock is known for the faith and the never-ending bond. Peacock also remained as a part of Indian art from pas many generations. Peacock theme invitation cards will convey the message of faith, loyalty, and never-ending bond.

Special Occasion cards – At Indian weddings, along with the wedding, many different events occurred before and after the wedding. Most people want to send different invitation cards for different events. So, unique occasion cards are designed for these events. You can want everything as per your choice from color to design for your special events.

Wedding invitation cards should be entertaining to enhance the curiosity and excitement of the guests in the events. For creative, unique, and exciting invitation cards, you can visit Seven Colours Card. They have unique designs and premium quality cards to make your wedding even more amazing. 



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