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article 3 Aug -Keep your cattle fit and healthy with sugar silage

Sugar is a concentrated source of energy food and must get introduce in cattle feed diets. Sugarcane silage offers an excellent nutritional value, green mass, energy potential, and many other benefits for cattle health. It has found from the researches that using sugar in dairy cattle feed has the high potential to produce milk and meat.

What makes sugar silage beneficial for cattle’s health?

By the solubility in about 80% ethanol, sugars get separated from disaccharides. Thus, these are considered as the non-structural cell contents plus non-aligned detergent fiber carbohydrates. It’s easy for the cattle to digest sugar, and thus feeding them sugar silage helps promote their health.

Being more palatable and aromatic, sugar maintains the binding effect efficiently. As compared to grains, sugar has a high rate of metabolizable. Thus, it is preferable to feed dairy cattle, buffaloes, and bulls with sugar silage.

What are the benefits of feeding sugar silage to dairy cows?

Sugar silage allows the growth of favorable anaerobic bacteria that can live in the absence of air. When this bacterium develops, it produces an acid that lowers the pH level and preserves the material for years. Good quality sugar silage is essential to ensure that dairy cattle maintain a healthy and fit body and produce good quality milk.

  • Due to the enhanced rates of solid and liquid passage from the rumen and exceptional palatability, the dry matter intake increases with sugar silage.
  • From nutrition to energy, it helps in meeting the daily requirements of the cattle. It is one of the great solutions to ensure that your cattle are fit and healthy and give quality milk.
  • Sugar silage offers a pleasant source of proteins, energy, and minerals for dairy animals. Thus, the sugar silage used for cows feed helps enhance milk quality and productivity.
  • Sugar silage formed by the process of anaerobic fermentation serves as one of the essential forages for ruminant animals. It is high in digestibility as well as energy.
  • From the stand-crop to the time of supplying, sugar silage is easily tailored to mechanization.

Apart from it, silage has a shelf life of about 18 months. It allows the dairy farmers to use even throughout a year and thus serves as a valid feed to cattle.

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